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In this section you will find interesting articles about complementary and alternative medicine, written by the foundation IOCOB

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan figurine that the Tibetan dodenboek used JMKHTibetan medicine is strongly influenced by the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and has grown in the rich heritage of Tibetans to a beautiful, traditional form of healing and compassion. Knowledge about the Tibetan medicine can be found in the so-called ‘Ghyü Shi’ (a classic textbook) written in the 12th century, compiled by the physician Yuthok Yonten Gonpo.

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Meditiation in Western medicine

Buddha, by MPHKeppel Hesselink-van BlommesteinWhat can now offer meditation to the patient? Pretty much. The essence is to articulate with detachment. Onthechting from prison of negative feelings, fears and stress which a disease is caused by the patient.

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Meditation techniques

Buddha, the smiling monk, JMKHMeditation is a state of introspection and thoughtlessness (shunyata). You do not deal with the outside world, but the inner exploration, where emotions, thoughts and feelings occur. Through meditation silence may arise and can work from this silence. Often increased workload caused all kinds of thoughts that the body and spirit stresses These stressful thoughts often cause a negative viscious circle which is difficult to break, especially when the additional stresses for a variety of physical and emotional complaints arises. Meditation is a method to put aside all this stress and reach a different consciousness to approach the situation anew. Meditation can support the emergence of new qualities such as intuition and insight, because there are no thoughts in the way.  Some simple meditations as examples.

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Mission statements of Foundation IOCOB

To identify and educate breakthrough complementary therapies, and to scientifically research these therapies in order to foster cost effective healthcare solutions.

IOCOB: Foundation to support innovative research and education in the field of complementary medicine

Foundation IOCOB has the following goals:

  • To support innovative research and education in the field of complementary medicine,
  • To initiate all actions related to or supportive for the aforementioned goal in the broadest sense.

Foundation IOCOB strives to reach its goals in the field of complementary medicine through the following objectives:

  • To develop innovative and cost-effective research,
  • To develop and facilitate education for students of medicine and biomedical sciences,
  • To develop instruments for patients to support their choice of alternative, experimental or complementary medicine,
  • To provide governmental organizations, media and the public with reliable information,
  • To identify and evaluate new and experimental interventions.

All information on this website is selected by MD's and approved by the chair and/or the secretary of the Foundation, who both are MD's. The names of the MD's attributing to this website and the approval committee can be found under the headers above the website: medewerkers and bestuur (coworkers and committee).

Our foundation respects all legal requirements concerning medical and personal privacy. No personal recommendations on treatment modalities will be given to patients. Always the Foundation points out that the person to be contacted is the family physician.

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