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In this section you will find interesting articles about complementary and alternative medicine, written by the foundation IOCOB

Biophoton therapy: an appraisal

Biophotons are interesting phenomena, and Dr Popp is the founder of the work on biophotons and the putative role in cellular biochemical reactions. The work of Dr Popp is hghly innovatove, but sadly enough, it has also be the base of the so called biophoton therapy. The Starlight is a machine, brought to the market, to treat a variety of diseases with biophotons, such as malaria, Lyme, multple sclerosis, schizophrenia, depression etc. Our foundation is very concerned about these unproven claims, and asked Dr Popp for his appraisal. In the following clipp you find our analysis of biophoton therapy.

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Relaxation, the base of meditation and mindfulness

mindfulness.jpgRelaxation, the base of meditation and mindfulness. First you Relax, than you fall in meditation. You fall, as you can not steer the proces. You can only create an environment inwhich meditation occurs……..


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Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness

Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness: Relaxation is the base of all meditation and mindfulness sessions. Without Relaxation meditation and mindfulness will not be possible. In these 2 video’s Jan Keppel Hesselink explains the relation between Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. In the third video a nice meditation: the tree sitting meditation. A must for everyone wanting to feel relaxed, the condition for falling into meditation. Because meditation cannot be done, it happens…you can fall into it.

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Scientific advisors foundation IOCOB

Journalists are kindly requested foundation IOCOB to call for information about the foundation and substantive issues (030-6939022), and not our scientific advisers. The scientific advisers IOCOB only give advice based on the following. They are not representatives of IOCOB for the press!

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How to assess complementary medicine?

Quality indicator for Complementary Treatments

There are many professionals using hundreds of different non-regular or complementary treatments (alternative medicine). The treatments range from traditional non-Western medicine such as acupuncture, Ayurvedic, Tibetan medicine, Winti to a variety of diets and supplements.

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Ioannides: a professor with Balls!

Professor Ioannides is epidemiologist and internist and it is his belief that science and truth are not the same. In some controversial articles he worked from that vision. There is much to so-called bias in published articles. This is not least because a lot of research done, and because the hunt is often relatively small effects. There are too few studies duplicated, because the journals have a bias and prefer to publish original documents. Publications cover moreover but a very small part of the research, and in the non-visible part have a lot of errors.

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Homeopath’s and fundamentalism

The homeopaths have worked well over the last few years difficult. Many aggressive stories are written that homeopathy can not work, and that only the blind, randomized study etc can give a definitive answer. That homeopathy is implausible and therefore also no longer need to be investigated, that water can not work unless placebo, which is the scams etc. Why all this sudden aggression? If something is safe, it is the homepathie, especially if it is in the hands of a doctor. In an article in June 2008 analyzes a homeopath fundamentalism around the assessment of the efficacy of the homeopatie. His conclusion:

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Mindfulness excercise IOCOB


Mindfulness, a term that refers to totally being in the here and now. A meditation without any traditional flavours of Buddhism, Jainism, Hindiuism or Zen. Being here and now in total attention, without focus, but all including is the key of this mind state. It is as it is at this moment, without being otherwise. Accepting all that is Here and Now and watching the mind, the body and the sensations. As if being the Watcher on the Hill, as seeing it all from afar, detached yet clear and crisp! Here a series of clips from the mindgulness programme, designed by Foundation IOCOB.

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Simoncini and cancer is a fungus, treating with sodium bicarbonate

Simoncini: a very special hypothesis: cancer is a fungus, treating with sodium bicarbonate is the solution. Tullio Simoncini: a doctor, oncologist, philosopher, surgeon? That you can no clarity on the internet. Well clarity about his theory: that cancer is a fungus infection with the famous fungus Candida Albicans. Who is this man? If we PubMed, the largest database of medical articles, surfing and his name and the word ‘cancer’ introduction, we do not find even one publication. So that concludes that he or oncosurgeon oncologist, because there would be at least one article can be found, we believe. If we use only his name, we find many articles of a T. Simoncini, but that all articles on hormones, and the author is Tommaso Simoncini. Are we dealing with a swindler, or with a little-known genious and scholar. What will it be? According to the Volkskrant he is a swindler. But in the Internet there is much criticism on the statements of that Dutch paper, the Volkskrant. Once again: what are the real facts?

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Yamamoto Acupuncture, YNSA

yamamoto.jpgProfessor Jan M. Keppel Hesselink, MD, PhD is president of the Foundation IOCOB. In these 2 video’s he explains the indication and the basics of the new form of acupuncture, developed by the Japanese anesthesiologist Yamamoto.

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