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Bali massage therapist award: Andee Joeniandee

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One of the best Bali massage therapists is Andee Joeniandee.

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-22 om 17.37.58Foundation IOCOB travels around the world to identify experienced and remarkable therapists. In 2017 the foundation’s president explored BALI for identifying the best therapists, using Bali massage and integrative massage techniques.

We found that Andee Joeniandee, from Sanur, Bali, was worth for the 2017 BALI massage therapist award from the foundation IOCOB.

Andee Joeniandee

Andee Joeniandee: Foundation IOCOB Bali massage therapist award

Andee Joeniandee has a strong passion for bodywork, since he was very young. From the age of 16 his grandfather was his mentor. His grandfather was a very famous West Java massage therapist and bodyworker, and he taught Andee the ancient art of the traditional West Java massage, reflexiology techniques and special ways to relax all body, mind and soul.

His philosophy: “Massage is like art. Your body is my canvas.”


His techniques he described as ‘lux-massage’ , most probably because one feels ‘light’ after leaving the massage.

2 hours massage: intense and slowAndee’s website

Currently on his website he defines 3 different forms:

1. Stress Reduction Massage:
This method will be very helpful relieve the stress for those who live a busy and stressful life; or the massage can serve to relief any jetlag.

2. Healthy Remedial Massage:
For those who have problems that interfere with your health, such as chronic back pain, rheumatism, muscle pains related to injuries or too many activities, such as sports, heavy work, or migraine, insomnia, stamina or sexual problems.

3. Relaxing Massage:
If you feel you need some rest to enjoy your holidays forgetting all your troubles I am able to give you some relaxing massage.

This award is authenticated via this website-page of Foundation IOCOB.

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