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Ozon therapy for Lyme: facts or church?

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We analysed a debate on Facebook between a physician interested in complementary medicine (Dr) and a group called Ozon-wellness, supporting the use of ozone therapy in Lyme. The answers are from the Lyme group coordinator/moderator (L). Although the group was called Ozon Wellness, it basically was a group of patients interested in Lyme related to ozon therapy. What became especially clear is that a debate related to pros and cons of ozon therapy in Lyme was not welcomed. Some participants of the group behaved as true believers of a Church-like organization.

From this and other ozon-Lyme debates various aspects emerge:

1. There is a huge amount of information on ozon therapy, but no supporting randomized clinical trials in Lyme

2a. Patients and lay people cannot distinguish between preclincal test tube studies and clinical trials

2b. Patients cannot discriminate between focal ozon therapy (positive in some cases) and systemic ozon therapy (no proof whatsoever) or between clinical trials and trials with a pilot character. [1][2]

3. Patients following ozon therapy suffering from Lyme belief in the ozon-therapy, and all the proof they want is their own experience

4. It is not logical at all to expect ozon therapy to cure Lyme: ozon injections (and IV) does not penetrate in ligaments and other deep tissue compartments to kill Borrelia; this argument is not perceived

5. Reference for support is made among others based on sites of manufacturers of Ozon machines; although there is much criticism against conventional pharmaceutical industry being biased and all, within the context of finding support for ozon therapy that argument looses weight.

6. The ultimate proof is the individual impression based on supposed positive reactions on ozon therapy.

7. Patients build up impressive databases on supportive literature:

However, patients themselves seem not to read those sources and seem only to use those to impress/convince themselves and others, based on the sheer number of studies.

8. Debate based on facts are evaded, advocates shy away from valid arguments and use only contextual arguments.

9. There are specialized journals supporting all dimensions of ozon therapy: e.g. Ozone: Science & Engineering: The Journal of the International Ozone Association

This all supports the view that we can see patients suffering from Lyme as believers, and not as critical consumers. Therefore, the sites supporting ozon in Lyme can be metaphorically seen as a Church. Non-believers are threatened to be kicked out of the discussion groups.

Ozon therapy background

Ozone therapy is on the agenda and figures attest to its growing importance. Ozone therapy is increasingly practiced in different parts of the world. The existence of more than 40 national and international associations of ozone therapy and more than 26 000 ozone therapists confirm it.

However, while ozone was discovered in 1785 by Dutch physicist Martin van Marum (1750-1837) and synthesized in May 1840 by the German chemist Christian Friedrich Schönbein (1799-1868), history has shown that it has been difficult for ozone therapy to have a significant presence on the world’s medical agendas.

Only Russia, Cuba, Spain and Italy have provisions from the authorities that specify the criteria to be met for practicing ozone therapy. These provisions are analyzed in this study to rule in favor of regularizing ozone therapy, with reference to the measures taken by these countries.

Specific points are proposed and a methodology that should be taken into account when developing a strategy that can lead to the regularization of ozone therapy in countries where it is still widely practiced.

The debate

Dr: Ozon cannot fix Lyme, perhaps in the testtube but for its effects in the whole body there is no evidence whatsoever…

L: if you read though the files section you’ll find a book by Prof Velio Bocci called “Ozone a New Medical Drug” … read it.
You’ll also find links tot he ISCO library by using the search function, This contains over 2000 studies on Medical Ozone used in almost every field of medicine … read them.

There is much evidence of the in vivo efficacy of Medical Ozone and there is also much anecdotal evidence of people with Lyme being helped with Medical Ozone.

So, whilst your opinion and contribution to the group are welcomed, this thread (or the group for that matter) is not going to be allowed to be turned into a platform for baseless, uninformed and unresearched statements about ozone.

There are a number of physicians in this group who use use Medical Ozone in their daily practice and the current Chair and Vice of the International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy are also members of this group and between all of them, I’m sure that they can (if they choose) answer any scientific or academic question s that you might have.

So, welcome, and please play nice in our little sandbox

Dr: know the book and read it, it is quite explicite that ozon does not work in cancer and that there is no evidence for Lyme in the book…in the book, which i read from cover to cover sadly enough there is a mass of preclinical work and biological experiments in test tubes but no clinical tests! Important for patients to know ( i am a orthomolecular physician by the way) ….

and a professor in molecular pharmacology for what that matters and highly intersted in alternative medicines therapies, but also concerned about too many claims without any proofs, or looking for supports but not for fiction and phantasies….which occur regularly sadly enough in alternative medicine not to the benefit of the patients. I have studies ozon and many other therapies the last 15 hears, so if i ask something it is not based on lack of knowledge or literature, bit it is an attempt to find out the true data from the expected and hoped for data…..

L: Well then you need to read though the ISCO document entitled “The Scientific Foundations for Ozone Therapy” and you can peruse the library at:

But your attacks on ozone are absolutely not going to be tolerated here.
You can participate and learn or you can stick to your opinionated dogma and leave but it is not going to be permitted for you to bombard every post with your opinion (that’s all it is actually in the face of all the evidence) on the lack of efficacy of medical ozone.

As mentioned, there are members of this group who are well qualified to answer your academic questions but likely have no interest in an argument, and I concur 100%.

Please these are no attack, and as said i am aware of all literature published arounr this item…my comments are meant to create transparancy in what ozon can and cannot do, end we have a complementary program on lyme in our dutch foundation. the major goals is to distinguish between the good and the bad related to ozon therapy, and if you do not tolerate critical questions, you are positioning yourself as a theological belief…. expeling those with critical questions……is that what you want?

Dr: I am familiar with the german literature you refer to and can read it…it is collected by the producer of ozone machines….and also contains loads of test tube work but virtually no convincing study in Lyma, as far as I know not one, sadly enough…..

L: this is my last attempt to assist as it’s clear that you are not even attempting to learn anything.
NONE of the info I referred to is from any manufacturer and it is manly in vivo studies with very few in vitro studies.

Dr: the link your provided me with is a collection of links, some are directly to germany and enter the ozon machine company, just check yourself!!!!

This one for instance

Dr: I invite you for providing me with any clinical trial you can find supporting the efficacy of ozon in lyme…just one would help me tremendously…..

L: The Zotero link opens up the library. The home page has “general” info but if you look at the folder menu on the side you can click on “ozone therapy” and then “clinical” and then select from any of the avenues of medicine under there …

Dr: OK There are 110 entries of Ozon in infectious diseases Shaun, and Ozon definitely can kill germs…I checked all these, there is only one abstract from Cancun symposium on sexually transmitted diseases, but that link is not open, and NO clinical trials on the value of Ozon in Lyme as far as I can see…But I am sure for the diabetic foot (a study) Ozon might do wonders…..All the indications are FOCAL indications…Lyme goes deep in the body, far beyond the influence od ozon.

Patient: am not an expert, but I would like to believe that I, along with the many Lyme patients I have witnessed have success with Ozone therapy ARE the scientific proof you are referring to as nonexistent. Here is a chart that I made up in about 3 minutes, so it is probably missing several more of my symptoms prior to Ozone therapy (right hand column). I have very few of the pre-Ozone symptoms now.

Dr: Ozon kills germs in the test tube, but not in our body, as the ozon does not reach high enough amounts to be able to kill germs which are all over the place. There are only data for supporting killing the germs in testtubes…..

There is however no clinical data supporting killing of germs by ozon if the germs are in your body. And as Borrelia is sequestered in deep tissue compartments, as we know, ozon given by iv or injetcion will never reach these!

L: Ozone therapy is probably the biggest thing you’ll brush up against in your lifetime, so do yourself a favor and do something original and valuable — either infect yourself to test your theory or organize your own study. I find your comments inconsistent with my own research and inconsistent with my personal experience. that’s a nice way of saying ‘rubbish’.

L2: since you are an MD, do you see Lyme patients? Do you treat them? What is your success rate with other treatment modalities? If you do not treat patients, can you comment on the success rate of physicians in your country with Lyme Disease? If the results are poor, then I believe you have discovered why people here are using this therapy. We do know that oxidative therapies can boost the immune system and that alone is of benefit. As for a cure, no one expects that. But improvement and remission are the goals here, whether the disease is Lyme, cancer, fatigue, arthritis, etc. Your negative comments are not welcome from this group. Troll somewhere else.


[1] Al-Jaziri AA1, Mahmoodi SM. | Painkilling effect of ozone-oxygen injection on spine and joint osteoarthritis. | Saudi Med J. | 2008 Apr;29(4):553-7.

[2] Re L1, Martínez-Sánchez G2, Bordicchia M3, Malcangi G4, Pocognoli A3, Morales-Segura MA5, Rothchild J6, Rojas A7. | Is ozone pre-conditioning effect linked to Nrf2/EpRE activation pathway in vivo? A preliminary result. | Eur J Pharmacol. | 2014 Nov 5;742:158-62. doi: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2014.08.029. Epub 2014 Sep 16.

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