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Pelvic Neuropathy by Pelvic Messenger

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De invalshoek die we de laatste jaren ontwikkeld hebben, 'iedereen heeft recht op pijnstilling zonder bijwerkingen' krijgt ook in het buitenland steeds meer resonantie. De voorzitter van Stichting IOCOB was gast op een anderhalfuur durend interview over de behandeling van bekkenpijnen. De 'show' heet The Pelvic Messenger en werd door vele duizenden patienten beluisterd. Het interview is te horen op de link hieronder.

The Pelvic Messenger 

The show "The Pelvic Messenger" has been created as a live talk podcast which stems from the website PelvicMessenger. I, Jessica Mariotti Tomsic, have suffered from severe Chronic Neuropathic Pelvic Pain and multiple other co-morbidities.

My colleague, Elisabeth Oas, created this arena in which others can come and find resources, information and hope. It is our mission to help educate the patient on how to best get a complete diagnosis, more effective treatment, and eventually have a better quality of life. Please refer to for more info. You may also visit my blog at: for my personal story.

The guest is Prof. dr. Jan M. Keppel Hesselink, MD, MS, PhD, of the Institute for Neuropathic Pain in The Netherlands.

He will be discussing his strong interest in chronic pelvic pain and treatment modalities. I can assure my listeners they will always find something positive to inspire hope from this show. Knowing they are not alone and their is always a way in which to see better results, by addressing their own personal formula of success!!

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