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New hope for chronic pain patients: breakthrough

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There is a new painkiller available in Germany and other European countries, based on a body own and all natural compound which proved to be effective and without any troublesome side effects, professor Jan M. Keppel Hesselink, pointed out at an important medical congres in Italy on November 24-26, 2011. Leading international pain experts, such as the German professor Ralph Baron also spoke at that congres. 

Keppel hesselink, holding a chair in molecular pharmacologist at the University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany, presented a major breakthrough in chronic pain treatment during the anual neurological congress for Italian anesthesiologists and painspecialists (SAARTI). While nearly all painkillers available inhibit pain via the nerve cells, Keppel Hesselink pointed out that a totally different and natural approach via the modulation of the so called glia cells has been overseen. The compound is available as the foodsupplement PeaPure  and as a product which contains PEA .

Great improvement in pain and better functionality 

This approach now has resulted in dramatic improvements of pain in many patients. He expected this treatment to revolutionize the field of pain treatment. On every nerve cell there are 10 glia cells in our nervous system, and these activated cells are responsable for keeping the body in a chronic painstate.

The new compound modulates the glia cells via a body own regulating system and calms these cells, leading to less pain.

Keppel Hesselink pointed out that this compound, palmitoylethanolamide has been tested for safety and efficacy in clinical trials in more than 2000 patients, has been used already in more than 800.000 patients Italy, Spain and in the Netherlands.


New impressing data: less pain and better functionality with PEA ( PeaPure) 

He presented new data on a study in 636 patients suffering from severe sciatic and backpain. Both a product which contains PEA 300 mg and a product which contains PEA 600 mg daily reduced the pain significantly, 600 much better than 300 and 300 again better than placebo.

Its clinical effects were superior compared to the best painkiller in this field available for patients. And furthermore, due to much less pain, the patients were able to function better, as measured on an objective functional scale. This is the first time pain reduction and improvement of functionality could be demonstrated for a body own compound modulating the glia.

a product which contains PEA and peaPure are available also in Germany available.

New painkillers are extremely important, since 50 years already there have been no new superior drugs helping patients with chronic pain, a product which contains PEA and PeaPure are such an improvement. While a product which contains PEA and PeaPure are active as painkillers and a inhibitors of inflammation, these compounds can be used in many different indications.



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