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Care for future congress

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Op zaterdag 3 oktober 2009 organiseert Supplement het Jubileumcongres in het congrescentrum Papendal in Arnhem:

Zorg voor de toekomst. Integrative Medicine in de praktijk

Keynote sprekers:

  • Professor Edzard Ernst, hoogleraar Complementaire Geneeskunde aan de Universiteit van Exeter
  • Dr. Barrie Cassileth, hoofd van de afdeling Integrative Medicine van het Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.
  • Inès von Rosenstiel, kinderarts, Slotervaartziekenhuis te Amsterdam 
Het congres is bedoeld voor alle professionals in de zorg.
Voor meer informatie in het Nederlands klik op de volgende link.
For he English explenation and invitation klick on the following link.

Anniversary congress on 03-10-2009 in Arnhem the Netherlands

Care for the future
The practice of Integrative Medicine


In the autumn of 1999, the first edition of the magazine Supplement was published. The publication was an integral part of new developments within the healthcare system, as it aimed to unite general medical practice with complementary medical care. Over the past years, concepts such as Integrative Medicine and CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) have become more known and the magazine has grown accordingly.

Around the publication Supplement an organisation of the same name developed. It focuses on integrating medical practices through consulting, publishing magazines and books, and organising courses and congresses. To celebrate its tenth anniversary Supplement has organised the Congress ‘Care for the Future’ which will focus on Integrative Medicine.

Mischa Nagel, director Supplement:

“Our first magazine was called Supplement because it functioned as an appendix to the existing knowledge on how to be healthy. In the past years we have developed new activities around the journal, such as courses and consultancy. All our activities have the same goal, that is to bring general medical practice and complementary medicine closer together. We try to reach that goal by sharing knowledge and information on different methods of treatment.

In addition we aim to demonstrate to physicians that complementary medicine really does have scientific grounding. We want to take away prejudice and fear of the unknown, promote discussion and above all create trust.

Our information services clearly differentiate between complementary and alternative medicine. ‘Alternative’ indicates that medicine is practiced instead of general medical practice, and that is something we are not involved in. We prefer to leave that area to others.”

For whom

The congress is meant for healthcare professionals. They can be regular and complementary doctors and therapists, representatives of social organizations, health insurance companies, scientists, politicians and everyone who is interested in Integrative Medicine.

Date and location

The congress will be held on Saturday October 3, 2009 in ‘Congrescentrum Papendal´ in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Registration will start at 8.30 a.m. and the program begins at 9.30 a.m. The closing ceremony will be held around 5.00 pm.


To enrol, please use the attached form or download the form from our website. Print it, fill it out and send or fax it to us. We will send you a confirmation of your participation and an invoice.


The participation fee for the congress is € 225,00 (VAT 0%), including a CD-ROM with the presentations (in English). All food and beverages are included in the price.


You may cancel your enrolment until September 1 2009 by post or by email. The cancellation fee is € 87,50. After September 1 the total participation fee is due.


For questions about your enrolment, congress, speakers or other details please contact us:


Rooseveltstraat 4D

2321 BM Leiden

The Netherlands

T: +3171 – 579 1062

F: +3171 – 579 1061



08.30 Welcome

09.30 Opening ceremony

M.P.M. Nagel, director of Supplement

09.45 Dr. C.P. Kaiser, physician

The evidence counts!

10.15 Prof. Dr. E. Ernst, Laing Chair in Complementary Medicine, University of Exeter

Evidence based complementary medicine

11:00 Intermission

11.30 I. von Rosenstiel, paediatrician, Slotervaartziekenhuis, Amsterdam

Four Models for Integrative Medicine

12.15 D. Kopsky, physician and neuro-acupuncturist, ORES, Soest

Crossing over safely

12.45 Dr. M. Dyson, Emeritus Reader in the Biology of Tissue Repair, University of London

Effects of laser therapy on wound healing and pain management

13.30 Lunch

14.30 Parallel sessions The practice of Integrative Medicine at MSKCC

Room 1: Dr. K. Wesa, MSKCC

Exercise, nutrition and Mind-Body practices

Room 2: Dr. S. Yeung, pharmacologist and acupuncturist, MSKCC

Pain management in oncology: acupuncture, massage and fytotherapy.

15:30 Intermission

16:00 Dr. B. Cassileth, psychosocial oncologist, MSKCC

Demonstrable benefits of Integrative Medicine in oncology

16:45 Discussion

Prof. Dr. J. Keppel Hesselink, physician, pharmacologist and medical biologist

17:00 Closing ceremony


Barrie Cassileth

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC) in New York is the largest cancer centre in the world, with (in 2008) 10,500 staff members, 22,689 patients with an average stay of 6,2 days and an annual turnover of 2,2 billion USD.Dr. Barrie Cassileth is head of department of Integrative Medicine at the MSKCC which offers patients complementary therapies in addition to regular treatments. Complementary therapies do nut cure cancer, but they help counter the side effects of regular medical treatment and aim to give the patient an optimal constitution. Only complementary therapies that have been clinically proven are offered at MSKCC. Dr. Cassileth is permanently investigating in this field.

Edzard Ernst

Prof. dr. Edzard Ernst holds the Laing Chair in Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter. He has conducted a significant amount of research into the efficacy, safety and cost of Complementary Medicine within the parameters of regular evidence-based medicine. The (lack of) scientific evidence is a central theme in his work. He gained praise as well as criticism from both sides of the field. Last year he published the book ‘Trick or Treatment’, in which he puts complementary medicine to the test. Quack medicine is also a recurring theme in his work and often he makes the headlines with his remarks.

Mary Dyson

Dr. Mary Dyson is an internationally respected researcher and biomedical consultant who is predominantly occupied with researching the effect of light on pain management and wound healing. She has done ground-breaking research on the effect of laser in these processes.

Dyson has a long and distinguished career in advanced medical technology and shares her knowledge through hundreds of medical publications, international speaking engagements and consulting for medical companies and clinics. As a pioneer in the field of Low Level Laser Therapy, Dyson is a highly respected authority.

Paul Kaiser

His years of experience in healthcare both as a doctor and a manager, have given Paul Kaiser a broad perspective. He developed a new vision for the future of healthcare in the Netherlands, including complementary medicine. As chairman of the KNMG district VI Rotterdam Kaiser was co-initiator of the congress Fusion (2006). This congress aimed to start up an open and scientific dialogue between general medical practice and complementary medical care. He is also starting up a new Dutch foundation for the advancement of Integrative Medicine, which aims to stimulate scientific research, education and information services in this field.

David Kopsky

David Kopsky studied medicine at the VU University in Amsterdam, where his interest went out towards neuroanatomy. Later he specialised in acupuncture and hypnotherapy. His field of research consists of bladder dysfunction in MS patients and immunosurgical interventions for treating metastasized tumours.

He is a physician at ORES, in Soest, the Netherlands, where he mainly focuses on neuro acupuncture and treats people who suffer from chronic pain, such as neuropathy.

Kopsky is one of the co-founders of the IOCOB foundation, which focuses on collecting and structuring scientific information on disciplines of complementary therapies.

Inès von Rosenstiel

Paediatrician Inès von Rosenstiel practices Integrative Medicine at the Slotervaartziekenhuis in Amsterdam. She was one of the first doctors to do so in the Netherlands and locally she is still considered a pioneer in this field. She continuously shares her knowledge on a national and international level by giving lectures on her insights and experiences.

Von Rosenstiel is president and co-founder of NIKIM, a collaboration of Dutch specialists for spreading information and knowledge about Integrative Medicine in the Netherlands. NIKIM also assists medical doctors who are looking for help on this subject by bringing them into contact with each other.

Kathleen Wesa

As a specialist in Integrative Medicine for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC) in New York, Dr. Kathleen Wesa combines evidence-based complementary therapies with mainstream care for cancer patients to manage their cancer-related symptoms. She is actively involved in studies investigating the scientific basis of complementary therapies and has lectured throughout the US and the world. Her primary research interests include vitamin D, medicinal mushrooms, botanical therapies, and the mind-body therapies of self-hypnosis, meditation and yoga.

Simon Yeung

Simon Yeung, PharmD, LAc, MBA is a research pharmacist, acupuncturist, and Clinical Coordinator at the Integrative Medicine Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He manages the popular “About Herbs” website, which provides scientific information on herbs, vitamins and other dietary supplements, as well as unproved or disproven anticancer treatments. He has published articles and book chapters on herb-drug interactions and on Integrative Oncology. He is also a co-investigator of several clinical trials studying acupuncture and botanical agents.

Yes, enroll for the Supplement Anniversary Congress on Saturday 3 2009 in Congress Centre Papendal, The Netherlands

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