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Biophoton therapy: an appraisal

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Biophotons are interesting phenomena, and Dr Popp is the founder of the work on biophotons and the putative role in cellular biochemical reactions. The work of Dr Popp is hghly innovatove, but sadly enough, it has also be the base of the so called biophoton therapy. The Starlight is a machine, brought to the market, to treat a variety of diseases with biophotons, such as malaria, Lyme, multple sclerosis, schizophrenia, depression etc. Our foundation is very concerned about these unproven claims, and asked Dr Popp for his appraisal. In the following clipp you find our analysis of biophoton therapy.

But let us first quote the concern of Dr Popp related to the use of biophoton machines and the claimed indications:

We ourselves did never claim that "biophoton machines" are able at all. The living system is working with biophotons which regulate the whole cell metabolism, since the about 100 000 chemical reactions which are permanently taking place per second and per cell have to be activated by photons (according to the knowledge of biochemistry, see, for instance, the text books of biochemistry).

This requirement of a extremely high coherence within the living system EXCLUDES the possibility of manufacturing a machine with this unbelievable accuracy and capacities. Nevertheless, there are always scharlatans who believe in these miracles.


And here we quote the content of a internetsite on the Starlight:


Welcome to Biostarlight, a Bio-Photon Coherency Therapy company that utilises StarLight technology to enable the body to heal itself. Biostarlight was founded in 2006 by Anouk Puper, a qualified Bio-Photon Therapist based in Chelsea, London.


Bio-Photon Coherency Therapy assists the body’s immune system to function at optimum levels, which enables the body to heal itself. The Therapy utilises StarLight technology, which is a series of instruments capable of measuring light emissions from acupuncture points, using fibre-optic cables and crystal electrodes. Once these light emissions or vibrations have been located the readings are fed into the system, which is fully equipped with therapy programmes based on common symptoms of other patient’s experiences. The therapeutic process is then delivered using optical glass electrodes, held in the patient’s hands. 


Bio-Photon Coherency Therapy is commonly used to treat allergies, anxiety, acne, asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, colds and flu, intestinal problems, depression, dyslexia, emotional problems, electromagnetic disturbances, herpes, glaucoma, gall stones, headaches, leukaemia, scars, stomach complaints, pre-menstrual tension, migraines, kidney stones, menopause, nose and throat polyps, prostate problems, back pain, whiplash, crown’s disease, lyme disease, pfeiffer syndrome and multiple sclerosis. 


Scar Therapy: Surgical scaring causes a great disturbance to the body, primarily in the blockage of the organ’s energy supply. With the StarLight one can treat these scars and in about 50% of all cases, the scar disappears completely from the skin’s surface. In all cases the scar tissue that has formed disappears along with its associated weather sensitivity and redness.

Spin Inversion Therapy: An increasing number of people suffer from “electron spin inversion”. This is caused by external magnetic fields that influence the rotational direction of the electrons in the body. As electromagnetic fields surround us in our everyday life (computers, television, electrical appliances…) the likelihood of electron spin inversion increases. The usual result is chronic fatigue, allergies and a body that works against itself. This therapy returns the electron spin to the proper direction.

Dyslexia Therapy: There are many people who suffer from dyslexia, a non-integration of the brain hemispheres. This treatment treats more than just dyslexia.

Psychological Problems: There are those who claim that physical problems stem from psychological disorders. It has been our experience that the reverse is true. Depression, manic depression, schizophrenia and phobias are all improved with the StarLight. 

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